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Server rates and features
EXP 5000
SP 5000
Adena 2
Drop 1
Spoil 1
Safe Enchant 6
Max Enchant 25
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
Offline Shop
Server Info
OverDose x500
Amazing rewards for our Streamers
Best Interlude PvP Server
Unique Ideas Perfect Balance
Dozens Of Clans - High Competition
Forget About The Rest And Join With The Best
Don't miss one of the biggest openings

Safe Enchant 6
Max Enchant 25
Normal Scroll 30%
Blessend Scroll 70%
Crystal Scroll 50%

Mid ls 5%
High ls 8%
Top ls 10%
Max 1 Active 1 Passive skill

Spawn Protection
Once you spawn, you're protected for 10 seconds.
If you move, use a skill or use an item then the spawn protection will stop.

Automatic Features
All dropped Items will be spawned in you Inventory automatically depending on how your party is (for example Radom, Finders Keepers, etc).
Skills are automatically learned.

NPC Buffer
There's an NPC buffer in all of our towns.
It supplies Buffs for Mages, Tanks, Fighter, etc...
Global Gatekeeper
Every town has a Global Gatekeeper.
This takes you to all popular Interlude locations including our PvP zones and Farm zones

Special Boss
Clan Eggs and more items that only drops from Raid Bosses that are lvl 76 or higher.
The olympiad is ongoing every week.
Meaning if you become a hero you will have your hero status for 1 week.
Sieges are every 2 weeks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
PvP Zone
You can PvP/PK anywhere except towns.
If you wish to PvP without the risk of getting karma, loose experience or having to run back for buffs then our PvP zone in Dark Elven Village is just for you!

Farming Zones
If you wish to farm the Special items, Life Stones, Coins or Adena.
Then our Farming zones are whre you should go.
Tournament 1x1 2x2 5x5 9x9
Team vs Team
Capture the Flag
Dice Event

Additional Info
AntiBot System Gameguard
Geodata and Pathnodes Yes
Max subclasses 4
Auto Loot Yes
Auto Loot Raid Grand Boss Yes
Wedding System Yes