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Server rates and features
EXP 100
SP 100
Adena 50
Drop 200
Spoil 200
Safe Enchant 4
Max Enchant 16
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
Offline Shop
Server Info
Chronicles of the INTERLUDE server
Quality assembly and geodata
All players start at 10. in one location.
In the inventory there are already consumables for the initial development / pumping of the character.
Price of the first profession 1 Adena
Price of the second profession 1 Adena
The price of the third profession is 3.500.000 Adena
EXP / SP - x100
Adena - x50
Drop / Spoil - x150
Seal Stone - x15
RB Drop - x20
Epic RB Drop - x1
Quest Drop - x30 (only for some quetts)
Quest Reward - x1
Premium account premiums x2 (premium does not affect the drop in the party, only the owner of the PA)
Armor / Weapon / Jewelry - 16/12/12
Status of the noble (Full quest)
Purchase for Festival Adena (purchase of ingredients)
Buying for Donate Coin
Duration of the Olympiad:
Period - 1 week
Maximal sharpening +6 (items sharpened above have stats +6)
Class battles - 3 people.
Non-class battles - 5 people.
The chance to gain a skill from augmentation: Top Life Stone - 10%, High Life Stone - 7%, Middle Life Stone - 3%
Drop Top-Grade Life Stone with Tyrannosaurs 40%. Respawn - 5 minutes.
Clan and Siege:
All clan penalties are canceled. (Except for the dissolution of the clan = 1 day.)
Siege on the off.
Clan on off. except *
The clan is created immediately by 8ur.
Clan creation 40.ur
Epic RB: (at the start all epics are dead) All epics 80 lvl.

The time of rebirth is Core = 24 hours.
Core Level - 80
Fixed time of appearance from 18.00 to 20.00 Moscow time.

The Renaissance is Orfen = 24 Hours.
Level Orfen - 80
Fixed time of appearance from 18:00 to 20:00 Moscow time.
Queen Ant: Renewal Time Queen Ant = 24 Hours.

Level Queen Ant - 80
Fixed time of appearance from 19:00 to 21:00 Moscow time.

Time of rebirth Zaken = 48 Hours.
The fixed time of appearance of the Zaken 80 level is from 21:00 to 23:00 Moscow time.
Time in seconds, which closes the door to Zaken'u - 300 seconds.

The time of revival Frintezza = 49 Hours.
The fixed time of the appearance of Frintezza from 21:00 to 23:00 Moscow time
The minimum number of groups in the CC to enter the Last Imperial Tomb (Frintezza) = 2
The minimum number of members in each CC group to enter the Last Imperial Tomb (Frintezza) = 5

The time of rebirth is Baium = 120 hours.
The fixed time of Baium appearance from 22:00 to 00:00 Moscow time.
To paint the Blooded Fabric mobs you need to beat the kulaks (except for the quest for 10 rags).
The time for the Baium farm is 120 minutes. If Baium does not receive any damage, then he falls asleep in 30 minutes.

The time of revival Antharas = 192 Hours.
The fixed time for the appearance of Antharas from 22:00 to 00:00 Moscow time.
Time of appearance is 20 minutes.
The time for the Antharas farm is 120 minutes.
The time of revival Valakas = 264 Hours.

The fixed time of appearance of Valakas from 22:00 to 00:00 Moscow time.
Time of appearance is 20 minutes.
Time for Valakas'a farm is 120 minutes.
Server Commands:
.epic - opens a window, with information, state and schedule Epic Bossov
.menu - player control panel (enable / disable experience, trade, invitations, etc.)
.lock - linking the account to the computer / setting the password for the character.
.reloc - restoring a character who is stuck on the same account.
.acp - Auto Combat Potion (ACP) - command to buy / activate / deactivate.
.acpset - ACP setting (setting%, below which banks will be automatically used).
.rcm - clan gate (cd 30 minutes).
.tvt - opens a window with registration to the Team vs Team.
.offline - offline trading.
Announcement for 20 minutes before the appearance of all raid bosses (except epic)
Respawn Alliance RB 10-12 hours
New Reid Boss
Subclass without a quest, for adena.
GM-shop to B-gr.
A - recipes in the hm shop. (for Silver Shilen)
Buffer 36 slots + 4 slots debuff (buff duration 2 hours)
Infinite nipples and arrows.
Banking system (1 tugrik = 100 million adena) each character is added a skill for exchange.
Auto. learning skills.
Invulnerability after teleport - 7 sec.
unstuck = 15 sec.
Offline kraft / trade (72 hours activation of 500 Adena)
Mana Potion (regen 1000 units)
Silver Shilen drop in LoA Th at GK
Drop Top-Grade Life Stone with Tyrannosaurs 40%. Resp - 5 minutes.
The system "Crete on epics"
Recipes of resources x100
The difference in levels in the party for gaining experience is 20.
Additional drop with Core / Orfen:
SoulCrystal has a 50% chance to be pumped by the bosses: Roaring Skylancer, Beast Lord Behemoth, Meanas Anor, Eilhalder von Hellmann, Antharas Priest Cloe, Krokian Padisha Sobekk, Tyrannosaurus, Sailren, Anakazel 78 lvl, Ember
Implemented Festival Sweeper appears in the second profession at Bounty Hunter (Mass selection spoyla).
Complete information on stats / drop / spoils / resists by Shift + Click.
Implemented monsters champions of 2 species (Blue and Red) - the chance of appearance of 10% and 5%. They have an additional drop of 70% Festival Adena.
Available from 75 to 84 level.