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Server rates and features
EXP 5000
SP 5000
Adena 1000
Drop 1
Spoil 1
Safe Enchant 4
Max Enchant 18
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
Offline Shop
Server Info
Server Features
Server features Dusk Weapons Apella 0 25 50 75 100 Jewl Naga Horut etc
Main towns Giran Aden Rune
Stackable items
Casino npc manager
Wedding system
Npc augmention skill enchanter
Npc AIO Buffer
Max buffs slot 50
Max 5 subclasses
No weight limit

Auto reward every 40 minutes for online players
Champions drop Mystery box with 70 chance
Reworked balance Not any balancer modification Only skills balance

Npc top 15 Pvp Pk players
Offline trade system
Free sub change class
TvT Event every 1 hour

New characters level 40

Rate control float values
RateXp 5000
RateSp 5000
RatePartyXp 12
RatePartySp 12
RateDropAdena 1
RateConsumableCost 1
RateDropItems 1
RateRaidDropItems 1

Karma Drop Rate control percent values
KarmaDropLimit 10
KarmaRateDrop 40
KarmaRateDropItem 50
KarmaRateDropEquip 40
KarmaRateDropEquipWeapon 10

Crystal Scroll 13 18 max
chance100100100100707070707070707070 S grade Blessed Scrolls Enchant Weapon AND ARMOR MAX13

chance1 1002 1003 100100606060606060606013 60 S grade Scrolls Enchant Weapon AND ARMORMAX13

chance1001001001008080808080808080808080808080 S grade Crystal Scrolls Enchant Weapon AND ARMOR


Olympiad system
Olympiad system
Retail olympiad game
New heroes every Sunday
Olympiad start time 1800 end 2000
Play 9 matches to be hero
Need at least 20 pvp kills for register
Accessories are not allowed auto disabled
Olympiad battles only with A Grade Items 4 Only tattoo available
Augments restrictions skills All passives Celestial shield disabled

Server commands
menu Opens your character private menu
raidinfo Opens a window for raidbosses info
repair Opens a window to repair your stucked character
online How much players are online
tvtjoin tvtleave tvtinfo Reg leave or check a tvt event
deposit withdraw Make adena or goldbar
secure removecode You can secure your character Also you can delete your code
offline Make your shop offline trader

Server Commands
Vote System
Vote system
You can take your reward from Vote Manager
Auto vote reward every 3 votes

Server Items
Server Items
Farm Event Online coins
Clan Items make your clan full level clan skills
Noblesse Item Bless your character with Noblesse status
Apella armor 0 25 50 75 100

Dusk weapons


Nacklace Of Brakki MP 42 and 60 resistance to most of the debuffs
Necklace Of Hekaton MP 42 and 15 CP
Necklace Of Naga MP 42 and 15 HP
Earring Of Garacsia MP 31 10 bow resistance and 7 speed
Earring Of Ipos MP 31 10 dagger resistance and 7 speed
Earring Of Kandra MP 31 20 wind resistance and 7 speed
Earring Of Von Helman MP 31 20 dark resistance and 7 speed
Earring Of Vermilion MP 31 20 fire resistance and 7 speed
Earring Of Falston MP 31 20 water resistance and 7 speed
Ring Of Horuth MP 21 and 10 PDef
Ring Of Mos MP 21 and 10 MDef
Ring Of Shadith MP 21 and 500 faster Hp regen
Ring Of Tayr MP 21 and 100 bow range
Fighter Mage tattoos
Custom accessories 200 Pdef Mdef
Mystery box Chance to get lifestone or book of giants

Castle Siege
Castles Giran Aden Rune
Sieges every Saturday for Giran Aden Sunday for Rune

High Grade lifestone 10 skill chance
Top Grade lifestone 15 skill chance
Olympiad restrictions skills All passives Celestial disabled

Raidboss 4 Hours Time Respawn
Shilens Messenger CabrioBoss


Antharas Priest Cloe

Longhorn Golkonda

Fire of Wrath Shuriel

Water Dragon Seer Sheshark

Krokian Padisha Sobekk

Death Lord Hallate

Storm Winged Naga

Vanor Chief Kandra

Last Lesser Giant Olkuth

Last Lesser Giant Glaki

Palatanos of Horrific Power

Palibati Queen Themis

Gargoyle Lord Tiphon

Bloody Empress Decarbia

Beast Lord Behemoth

Death Lord Ipos



Hestia Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs

Ketras Hero Hekaton

Ketras Commander Tayr

Ketras Chief Brakki

Varkas Hero Shadith

Varkas Commander Mos

Varkas Chief Horus

Demons Agent Falston

Flame of Splendor Barakiel

Eilhalder von Hellmann

Cherub Galaxia

Queen Shyeed

Plague Golem

Flamestone Giant

Epic Boss 8 Hours Time Respawn



Ant Queen