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L2GaDeRaTuX PvP Server
  • Owner: GaDeRaTuX
  • Member Since: 2023-05-13 23:59:38
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: lineage2
  • Website: https://l2gaderatux.net/
  • Status:
L2GaDeRaTuX PvP Server
Server rates and features
EXP 30
SP 30
Adena 100
Drop 1
Spoil 2
Safe Enchant 100
Max Enchant 40
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
Offline Shop
Server Info
L2GaDeRaTuX PvP Server

~~ Rates ~~
xp: x30 sp: x30
adenas: x100 Spoil: x2

~~ Scroll Enchants ~~
Max Enchant: +40
Normal Scrolls: 100%
Blessed Scrolls: 100%
Crystal Scrolls: 100%

~~ Engine ~~
Event Engine
Vote Reward Engine
Penalty heavy Armor Dagger System
Buff 30 Slot + 12 dances
Custom zones drop especial items
All Special Raid Bosses spawned in 12 hours
Custom Community Board
Custom personal menu (.menu)
Custom info (.info)
Olympiad working 100%

~~ Events ~~
Team vs Team
Capture the Flag

~~ Special NPCS ~~
Buffer - Possible use like simple or mixed mode with schemes (save/load). Buffs for pets and players. Cancellation of buffs can be one by one or all at once. Also, buffer has a heal function, premium buffs, auto buff lists (fighter/mage), and buffs for special item.
Global gatekeeper - player can use simple, premium and for special item teleports.
GM Shop - Full GMshop and custom items
Marketer - It's selling/buying system where player can add any item for special item (unlimited currency) and also possible add enchanted or augmented items.
Class Manager - Can be like npc or pop up menu. Possible add price or reward for class, pets upgrade. Special command available.
Wedding Manager.
Achievement Manager.
Tournament Manager.

~~ Geo-Engine ~~
Added newest geo-engine which works like Lineage 2 official.

~~ Special Player Commands ~~
.menu - Additional player functions in one place: exp on/off, title with pvp/pk (live update), block buffs, auto pick up on/off, trade on/off, private messages on/off, screen text pop up like critical, damage and etc on/off, falling to textures auto correction, change password, repair character and auto potions (working with all potions).
.boss - Simple and epic bosses in one place. Possible see alive status, dead time, boss lvl and clicked on boss name you can get location to the boss.
.votereward - Vote system for reward.
.bank - Adena and your chosen item exchanger.
.sub - All sub-classes in one place.
.sellbuffs, cancelsellbuffs - Possible sell your own buffs.
.dressme - skins system.
.classs - opens class manager menu.
.buff - opens buffs menu (same as npc).
.shop - opens shop menu (same as npc).
.gk - opens global gatekeeper menu (same as npc).
.market - opens marketer menu (same as npc).

~~ Custom Weapons ~~
Custom Dual Hero Weapons
Custom Simple Hero Weapons

~~ Custom Armor ~~
Custom Titanium
Custom Titanium Shield

~~ Other Customs ~~
Custom Dyes
Custom Runes
Custom Tattoos

~~ Custom Zones ~~
Tower Of Insolence - Floor 13
Imperial Tomb
Ketra Orc Outpost
Mithril Mines
Forge Of The Gods
Monastery Of Silence
And more....

~~ Custom Items ~~
MrEvents Coin
Donate Coin
Vote Coin
Iberia Pass
PvP/PK Coin
Buffer Pass
Premium account
Mark of Nobless
Mark of Hero
Farm Coin