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  • Member Since: 2020-05-22 17:15:07
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: lineage2
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Server rates and features
EXP 100
SP 1
Adena 1
Drop 1
Spoil 1
Safe Enchant 4
Max Enchant 16
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
Offline Shop
Server Info
Basic Information:   ʘ Chronicles: Interlude   ʘ Concept: GvE (two factions)   ʘ The main way to progress: PvP   ʘ Starting level: 61   ʘ Sub-class: available from level 61   ʘ Buff Duration: 2 hours   ʘ Max. Buff slots: Unlimited   ʘ Main currency: AdenaSpecial items:   ʘ Artifact (new slot in inventory/beautiful visual effect)   ʘ Cloak (with original visual physics)   ʘ Tattoo   ʘ Blessed Epic Jewelry (upgrade sealed>classic>blessed)   ʘ Faction Portal   ʘ Stable Enchant Scroll (on unsuccessful enchantment does not reset the enchantment value)   ʘ Blessed Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory   ʘ Noblesse Letter (one click = Noblesse Status. extra noble buff effect)Additional Information:   ʘ Title Indicator   ʘ Assist System   ʘ Outposts,Villages,Fortresses   ʘ Group Bosses   ʘ Evil Monster   ʘ Event: Epic Boss Battle   ʘ Event: Castle Siege   ʘ Event: TvT (9 maps)   ʘ Event: Mini Battle's (11 maps)   ʘ Unique Olympiad   ʘ New locations   ʘ New class skills (for some)   ʘ Mass rewards for participating   ʘ Special Class Balance   ʘ The maximum number of players in a party is 7   ʘ The maximum number of bishop in a party is 2   ʘ Changed hero weapons   ʘ Character title color changes depending on the amount of PvP.Maintaining the visual and logical atmosphere of the interlude!Full description: https://rb.gy/rhb6nq