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  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: lineage2
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Server rates and features
EXP 5000
SP 5000
Adena 5000
Drop 5000
Spoil 5000
Safe Enchant 4
Max Enchant 18
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
Offline Shop
Server Info
Server Rate
Exp / SP: x5000
Party Exp /SP: x2
Adena : x5000
Drop: x5000
Augment: 15%
Karma Player Drop: 60%
Enchant Rates
Normal Scroll Weapon/Armor/Jewels Rate:80% [1-16]
Blessed Scroll Weapon/Armor/Jewels Rate:100% [1-16]
Crystal Scroll Weapon/Armor/Jewels Rate:100% [16-18]
Global Gatekeeper
Custom Buffer
Boss Manager
Augmenter Skill
Vote Manager
Castle Manager
Password Changer
Custom Seller
Custom Commands
.shop .menu
.buff .boss
.gk .class
.sub .bank
.setlvl .votereward
Server Information
Chronicle: Interlude Type: Pvp Server
Balanced Classes
Professional server
DDos protection,
no lag Special Features:
#Unique start up System.
# Special npc's .
# Custom farm zones.
# Custom droplist on Raid Bosses. (Raid Bosses drop also hero coins!)
# Main town: Giran.
# Special items ( see them in-game). Unique items, give a check in-game.
Other Systems:
# New character starts with 1 lvl .
# Max lvl 80
# All skills working.
# Custom NPC in Clan Halls.
# Olympiad: every week hero.
# Balanced Class (everyday update for perfect balance).
# Raid Bosses Jewelers in Shop ( need a few votes or some farm).
# Pvp color system on Name & Tittle.
# Custom Zones.
# Custom pvp zone.
# Wedding Systems
# 100% Castle Sieges. Fully reworked retail like olympiad
# Olympiad Cycle = 1 Week.
#Skills are reused after teleport on stadium,
# Players with same IP can not fight together, # Teleport back to town right after match end,
# Professional Anti-Feed system
Teams Vs Teams
Death Match
Capture The Flag
Custom Town War
Custom Raid Boss Event